NRG President calls for retired players to stay involved

We have so many retired players that believe their time is over but at NRG we say ‘your time has just started’.

NRG President Nick Farmer is encouraging retired players to remain involved.

‘I loved playing football every weekend but then one day my body said enough was enough, so instead of walking away I approached the NRG and it was the best decision I ever made. There are hundreds of players that call it a day on the field so we are encouraging those people to remain involved by becoming a referee’.

To become a referee simply fill in the ‘become a referee’ form located on our website.

Youth is the answer as we move into 2021

As we approach our 8th full year as the Nepean Referees Group it’s time to once again put out the call – to the youth of our region.

‘The future of refereeing will always be youth, we need to inspire them to join NRG and take on the challenge of refereeing. The most important age are those kids between 13 and 17. The challenge then is keeping them engaged as they become young men and women and go to the next step of refereeing adult football. ‘. Said Kieran Fisher from Nepean Referees Group.

If you would like to become a referee go to the page titled ‘become a referee’ and submit your details.

2021 – Become a Referee

In 2021 the Nepean Referees Group has hit the ground running with over 100 referees registered before the end of January and we look forward to welcoming new referees to further strengthen our numbers. If you would like to become a referee simply fill in the form titled ‘become a referee’ contained on this site and one of our team will get back to you.

NRG referee branch coach and senior referee of the year for 2017 Kieran Fisher said recently ‘I am looking forward to ensuring another group of new referees are ready to enjoy the experience of refereeing once our season starts. We have several level 4 courses already set and available on our website. It’s important that we develop as many referees as possible in those courses so we can have them ready for the start of our season’.

2021 Another great year for W league official Emma Kocbek

2021 is set to be another great year for NRG referee Emma Kocbek. Two years ago she became the first person trained by NRG to referee in the W league. Referee Manager at the time Graham Chapman said ‘we made a commitment when we started NRG to have someone from this region on the W or A league within a decade and we achieved that goal in half that time. I am over the moon. Emma is a wonderful young lady that started refereeing in 2014 and she has listened and stayed focused. She is evidence that by putting in the time, remaining committed and never losing sight of your goal, dreams can come true. She debuted on the W league on the match between Western Sydney Wanderers and Brisbane. Equally as proud was the fact that her mentor and former local referee and now NRG referee Sarah Ho was on her senior line keeping a close eye on everything’.

Emma said after the match ‘this is one of the most exciting days of my life, a massive thanks to the NRG team for believing in me and guiding me through. This is just the start, I would love to referee on the W league one day so I am going to continue the hard work and focus.’

If you would like to become a referee fill in the form titled ‘become a referee’ and one of the team will be in contact.