Youth and retired referee is who we want to see, as we move into 2022

As we approach our 9th consecutive year as the Nepean Referees Group it’s time to once again put out the call – to the youth and retired referees of our region.

‘The future of refereeing will always be youth, however we are also focused on ensuring retired referees are not forgotten. We need to inspire people to join NRG and take on the challenge of refereeing. The most important age for young people is between 13 and 17. The challenge then is keeping them engaged as they become young men and women and go to the next step of refereeing adult football. Equally we have so many ex players that would make terrific referees‘. Said Nathan Marland from Nepean Referees Group management team.

If you would like to become a referee go to the page titled ‘become a referee’ and submit your details.