So you would like to become a referee?

There are plenty of great things about being a referee.  You actively participate in the sport, you help raise the standard of the game, you develop a network of friends, you develop your management and your communication skills.

Referees are an integral part of our game, and if you’re aged 13 years or more, you can join this specialised and important side of our game.  Refereeing can be very rewarding.

The referee structure in NSW supports 5,500 referees spread throughout 40 Branches comprising of 39 branches and the NSW State League. Together representatives of these two organisations meet as the NSW Referees State Technical Committee (Football NSW)
This State Technical Committee has the responsibility for policies relating to referees in NSW and for the implementation of referee coaching and development programs while the Branch is responsible for the direct recruitment of referees and the day to day management, training and promotion of referees.

From within this structure, opportunity exists for anybody to climb to the highest level of the referee ladder to which they may aspire